Beware Of PROUD2SERVE landscape gardening & property services

Proud2Serve landscape gardening & property services

Julian (Jules) Alldridge - Job Abandonment

The company names used during this work were:

  • PROUD2SERVE landscape gardening & property services
  • the artificial grass crew

Please do not confuse these companies with any other companies of similar names.

These companies are registered as follows:

PL3 5QQ, Plymouth, United Kingdom

07533 957003

VAT 405 8055 12

Artificial Grass Crew
Julian Alldridge

Before PROUD2SERVE began work

After PROUD2SERVE abandoned the job

Before Proud2serve ruined the garden

Alldridge took payment of over £10,000 to change a perfectly useable garden into a building site.

The image on the right is after the customer removed waste materials and most of the equipment he left on site

He started the job in July 2022 and abandoned it in October 2022 leaving the customers, who have children, without a useable garden. 

After Proud2serve abandoned the job
  • Alldridge became less and less responsive as the job went on
  • He did not turn up on site when he said he would be there
  • Eventually he ignored emails, texts, phone calls and messenger
  • He also didn't deliver material that he claimed to have purchased

All the rubbish left by Julian Alldridge and Proud2serve

More of Julian Alldridges left rubbish        Abandoned by Proud 2 Serve

Customer Feedback On Facebook 

Proud 2 Serve didn't even finish this job       Proud 2 Serve Didn't turn up for this customer   

Issues with work completed

      Air Brick Removal Suggestion

Wonky Mortar - Take 1

Proud2serve can't even deal with a mortar line.

Wonky Mortar - Take 2

Julian Alldridge can't lay bricks level

This was the second attempt that Alldridge made to lay a patio.  The first attempt was not square. 

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